Max Rumbol (b. 1997)

Max Rumbol is a British painter born in 1997. He lives and works between Buckinghamshire and London.

Throughout time we have been hammered with the myth of an artist as a genius, an obsessive laborer, a crazy solitary being. We often inherently value artwork as a direct trace of the artist’s hand. Rumbol’s woodcarving works transcend the practices of sculpture and painting bringing the result into a unique blend. His creative process relies heavily on computer machinery; the automated hand. Rumbol’s compositions begin with sketches, progressing into digital drawings which are then transformed through a clinical process into a physical work. Rumbol labors these manufactured sculptural surfaces, bringing them into a physical space by manually working the surfaces in different ways to reveal or hide the trace of the artist’s hand. In doing so, a dialogue is created where one can question what the artist’s role is or where their hand lies.

Text by William Gustafsson.

Solo Shows
August 2021 Restless, Ramp Gallery, London

October 2020 The Flower of Kent, Union Gallery, London
Group Shows / Art Fairs
August 2021 My Sweet Doppelgänger, Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles

April 2021 EXPO Chicago Online, Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles

March 2021 Holding Hands, Union Gallery, London

November 2020 Home Sweet Home with Liam Fallon, Tuesday to Friday, Valencia

May 2020 Big Dip, Cold Creek with Sean Gannon, Ramp Gallery, London

April 2020 5 Years/System Failure, Plastic Murs, Valencia

December 2019 Bread, 121 Sydney Street, London

June 2019 Ruskin Degree Shows 2019, Ruskin School of Art, Oxford

May 2019 NEW: An Exhibition of New Work, New College, Oxford

June 2016 Organised Fun, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford

February 2016 Laboratorium, OVADA Gallery, Oxford

2016-2019 BFA Fine Art, Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford